Tell Your Best Story

What's your story worth?

Your story gets you jobs, clients, gigs, venders, employees... you name it. We communicate with stories, and the quality of your relationships depends upon your ability to communicate.

StoryGrowers helps you tell your best story. 

You'll build and master negotiation, communication, and emotional intelligence skills with our workshops, trainings and books for entrepreneurs, freelance professionals and executives.

Plus, you'll have a lot of fun and meet cool people.

You are living the story of your career.

Tell it better.

In these fast-paced, fun workshops, executives and entrepreneurs work on mastering their professional storytelling skills.

Usually our workshops happen in stimulating spaces over amazing meals.

We work on skill growth and mastery:

Professional Identity & Empathy
Negotiation & Communication
Strategic & Situational Awareness
Career Advancement & Personal Marketing
Emotional Intelligence & Leadership

    We often include breakout groups for specific peer-to-peer feedback in the following Applied Learning Areas:

    Crafting Your Pitch
    Social Networking (online and off)
    Personal Development Plan
    Career Planning and Transition
    Transformation and Strategy
    Personal Branding and Promotion
    Goal Setting and Living Portfolio
    Negotiation and Attraction

      On the day of class, here's what happens:

      - We gather and get settled pretty fast, no time to waste!

      - Review of burning topics and needs of the group

      - Clarify purpose and intent for the day

      - Rundown on a particular skill, get key lessons and insights 

      - Break into smaller groups to workshop/review 

      - Synthesize lessons learned

      - Conclude and wrap up. 

      Free bonus: You'll get a workbook that you can use to structure your own personal development, build your skills, and enhance your planning capabilities. 

      Every workshop is different, depending on the group - but the core format stays the same.

      Master your professional storytelling skills.

      Please get in touch if you want a private workshop or instruction - and make sure you sign up below for updates when our workshops start up again.

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